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High altitude viticulture

Exceptional terroir

When we landed in Spain in 2003 we were blown away by the rugged countryside around Calatayud. This is a landscape of extremes: the stark contrasts of the continental climate; the extreme temperature changes between night and day;  the seasonal temperature changes; the wild west scenery; the altitude of the vineyards; the aromas of the mountain herbs…

Our vineyards are planted on a variety of different soils giving different profiles to our wines. We have slate, pudding stone, limestone, and iron rich clay each reflecting their different characteristics in our wines.

Dry Grown Vines

All of our vineyards are dry-grown and this, coupled with the unique terroir and the age of the vines (up to 115 years old), produces grapes and wines that are naturally low-yielding, concentrated but always fresh and finely balanced. Our vineyards are based around the towns of Villarroya de la Sierra, Cervera de la Cañada, Torralba, Aniñon and Torrijo de la Cañada. We have practiced organic viticulture since 2014 and are  dedicated to regenerative viticulture.

Old vines

The majority of our vines are between 50 and 115 years old. We also have some new plantations with a focus on the recuperation of old clones and indigenous varieties. Our vineyards are between 650 and 1000 metres above sea level.

Innovation in the Vineyard

With the recent new plantings, our Estate now covers 40 hectares. All of our new plantings are single stake or high bush vine. This respects the vertical nature of the Garnacha, aids homogeneity of shoot and grape positioning and ripening, and also minimises disease pressure therefore reducing the need for treatments.

We recently purchased a kiln and now produce our own biochar: this is a vegetal carbon made through the process of pyrolysis and actively captures carbon, promotes water retention and microbial diversity in the soil.


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