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The Cup and Rings Albariño

This wine we make in the DO Rías Baixas. THE CUP & RINGS symbol is an ancient prehistoric carved stone design commonly found in granite rock outcrops overlooking Albariño vineyards in Rías Baixas and also in Norrel’s original home of Scotland which he discovered on a visit to the museum in his home town. These ancient designs were most likely taken by the Celts from Galicia to the British Isles thousands of years ago and probably represent some type of worship of the elements. As a Scot, Norrel feels a strong connection to Galicia with its rich and green land and naturally felt the calling to make wine from the indigenous Albariño grape. The Cup and Rings Albariño is his winemaking homage to the Celts.

Manga del Brujo

The label for this wine was inspired by the alabaster rose window in the fortified gothic-mudéjar church in Cervera de la Cañada. The church was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001.

Manga del Brujo forms part of our series of wines celebrating the life of Pedro de Luna. The Cervera church was built by Mohama Rami, architect to the Luna family, and his signature can still be seen on an interior wall. Papa Luna left an imprint on the landscape of Aragon by funding the construction of churches in the mudejar style. He was the brujo (wizard) who cast his magic across the region. 2023 celebrates the 600th anniversary of the death of this remarkable person. You can read more about him here.

La Multa Garnacha

This is a cheeky hommage to the number of speeding fines (multas) that Norrel managed to accumulate during his first years in Spain. Spending hours in the car, heading to the various different projects across Spain and France, and an eagerness to get back home to his young family meant that Norrel sometimes (often) went a little over the speed limit. His first fine was 45 minutes after arriving in Spain in 2003. Having spent so much money on multas he thought it would be fun to make some money back from a wine with the same name. The label is designed to look like an official document.