Manda Huevos Tinto 2018 750ml


90% Old Vine Garnacha, 10%: Moristel, Provechon, Garnacha Blanca

Classic field blend of two historic parcels from the paraje of Caña Andrea. Light ethereal and complex wine with notes of red fruits, bright acidity and a long smoky finish. A very elegant Garnacha.


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The image from this label is from a ceramic fragment found at the Roman ruins of Bílbilis just outside Calatayud. The fragment can now be seen in the museum in Calatayud.

Manda Huevos comes from the Latin legal term Mandat Opus, originally a legal term which meant ‘necessity obliges’.  In modern usage it is a vulgarism that means something along the lines of ‘it’s incredible’/ ‘I don’t believe it”.

We love and respect the history in this region that we now call home so, in 2016, we donated 50c for every bottle sold to the Museum in Calatayud.

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