Provechón El Matón


The first vintage we have made this single parcel wine from a vineyard planted in 1938. The grape variety is Provechón, also known as Bobal.  Medium-bodied, fresh and juicy.

Alc 13.45%. 750ml.

“…elegant floral aromas, expressive,… herbal too, showy and tasty. It’s medium to full-bodied, juicy, clean and tasty, quite domesticated and quite elegant for a variety famous for being rustic. It does have tannins, but they are quite polished. It has 13.45% alcohol and keeps very good acidity and freshness parameters. 1,800 bottles produced. It was bottled in January 2023. Impressive debut.” Luis Gutiérrez for the Wine Advocate

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The inspiration for this label is very simple: the vines themselves. These wonderful old vines throw some amazing shapes like octogenarian dancers. It’s quite unusual to find a whole vineyard planted with 100% Provechon (the local name for Bobal), and it’s a variety we usually blend so we thought it would be interesting to make a single vineyard wine. The name, El Matón (The Thug), is the nickname of the vineyard owner, a singular character but who couldn’t be less like his name: he is warm, open and affable and, like his vines, a lot of fun!

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