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Our story

Our journey began in fine wine in Edinburgh three decades ago and took us on to vintage work in Portugal, Italy, France, Australia, Chile and New Zealand before we landed in Spain in 2003.

The Garnacha grape, the terroir, and the sheer quality of the raw material we found in Aragón captured our attention and imagination and we began our mission to seek out and revive old Garnacha vineyards. This ‘mission’ has extended to other varieties and we have recently bought an old Macabeo planted in 1969.


We own 40 hectares of mainly old vine Garnacha (between 50 and 115 years old) along with other indigenous varieties such as Mazuelo (Carignan), Moristel, Macabeo, Garnacha Gris and Provechón. We have undertaken a programme of new plantings, in an effort to create the old vines of the future.

We also work closely with a select group of local growers who share our philosophy: sustainability is our priority from vineyard to bottle.