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Regenerative Viticulture

By 9 de May de 2023No Comments

We’re delighted to have recently become members of the Asociación de Viticultura Regenerativa, spearheaded by Familia Torres here in Spain. In joining this community we aim to learn and share experiences so that collectively we can contribute to improving soil health, promoting biodiversity and sequestering carbon. We have absolutely no doubt that regenerative viticulture is the path to a healthy future both for our vines and for our planet. To find out more about the association, click here.

As we’ve shared over the past few months, we have been exploring sustainable vineyard practices for some years now: we make our own biochar; sheep winter graze in our vineyards; we don’t plough for most of the year (until fire risk makes it necessary); we have implemented keyline design to maximise water management and conservation; and we have used only organic fertiliser for many years now. But we’re novices and are keen to continue learning.

We’re looking forward to attending the association’s third Symposium next week in Falset which will take an in-depth look at the microbiology of agricultural soils. More information here.

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